Raj Sarkar is a finance personnel in Airports Authority of India and a photographer by passion. Enjoys travelling & documenting street life. His photographs has won several awards and been published by several agencies like National Geographic,APF magazine, Asian Photography Magazine, Smart Photography Magazine,Creative Magazine, Saveus Magazine (Wild life), Streetphotography magazine,Inspiro magazine,Chalo lets go, Photoburst, Photoflock, World Street Photography, Wild bird trust,,Nikon India, Pinterest etc. and also have been short listed under top two hundred in Garuda world photo contest in two different categories and short listed in HIPA

His views on photography

Photography for me is to capture decisive moments. The most important part as a photographer is to respect your subjects and the ambience. You are not going to get good photo every time you shoot. I try exploring things which is new and unique. The camera is my constant companion wherever I go. I believe, if you are in a habit of taking photograph everyday then it will become a reflex action and your mind will instruct when to click and what to click. I think one has to be the true critic of his own photos. I prefer to review my own photo repeatedly on a regular basis to develop photographic sense. Reading various photography magazines has become my habit to get updated with the new technology invented every day in the photographic field.